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Step into the Void...
...And Fall into Chaos
I trip]ed, fell, and consequently got cut right above my eyelids with a switchblade someone had oh-so-intelligently left lying around on the table while I was serving tables at work.

..Strangely enough, I don't think I'm feeling like going after the unfortunate bastard that'd made that mistake, though. Probably the post-I'm-gonna-die-from-blood-loss-or-end-up-blind shpck; either that, or that hit to my head left more than a mild concussion.

Or maybe I'm just happy I'm not blind at the moment.

..Erm--well, okay, technically I'm blind until I get these bandages off of my eyes. I'm not allowed to take them off, even if I might trip and get a worse injury; actually, I'm not even supposwd to be out of the hospital yet, but I think a certain someone pulled a string or five to get me out of that freakishly sterile and clean place.

Sadly, it's the best thing that's happened to me all week.

..And this's probably riddled with typoa, unless my disgustingly good luck is hplding up and I've yet to screw up badly. Stu[id gauze.

Uwaa, I'm sorry for not wrring more, Journal-san--I promise to write more often, promise. ;-;

Ah. And I almost forgot--I think I have a wound on the area around my collarbone, now, if thw pain I fe;t earlier today is any indication; but I can't see anything, so 'Kuma-chan's the only one that's helpin
me around, seeing as how Kaden-chan and her friend's missing. Be safe!


Reach Out A Hand

I made the mistake of telling Rai-tan about my..previous condition.

Never again.

Bastard poked and prodded at me the whole time after kidnapping me from my house [technically Ivy and Saku's, but whatever] and shoved me off of a cliff to get 'proof that little Yuu-chan wasn't lying about being able to fly'.

Proof, my ass. The bastard just wanted to see me panic and break my fuckin' neck trying to get back up before I hit the sharp, pointy, jagged rocks that were conveniently placed under the cliff.

Someone's gonna die.

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Reach Out A Hand

Lessee. So far, I've:

lost my two favorite hairbands [one green, one white, kept intwined]

come close to snapping the cables because they refuse to cooperate

and can't seem to get anything done, at all. This adding onto current stress and issues is Not Good At All.

And Arashi called today; apparently, she somehow managed to get Saku to let me off of work for the next few days--for the holidays, or something like that--so I don't even have Maeil Café to escape to from whatever. I think she meant it to be something of an apology for the abrupt kidnapping earlier, except it's sorta not what I need right now. Which would be distractions.


Screw it, I'm going outside.

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Reach Out A Hand

Woah, wow, it's been forever since I posted anything on my journal [--I promise I still love you, journal-chan~ I haven't forgotten about yooooou~ <3]

But I'd been kidnapped by Arashi to who-knows-where for the last whatever, so I really didn't have any access to my journal-chan. Who knew co-workers were so scary...? ;-; The only reason I haven't stabbed her in the middle of the night for that is because the Thanksgiving present was..nice and no not because I'm scared of her bodyguard, dammit.

I feel really bad right now--I think I vaguely remember promising...F-fujin, was it?...that I would come and visit her sometime soon before I was..abducted, and I think it's been longer than a while since I made my promise.

My first 'friend'-esque person in this whole neighborhood, and I've probably let her down already.


And, oh, look, more people've moved in by now.

...At least there'll be more going on now. Even if it makes me want to hide under a bed since I don't know anyone, not really.

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I figured out why I'd been feeling uneasy for the past few days; Rai says it's a miracle how dense I can be to not notice that the high fevers and periodic black-outs on my part--complete with little white dots and stars and all--didn't alert me to the fact I'm ill. Sick. As in, with a cold or something--I wasn't listening to him ramble on--which comes with nasty liquid medicine and pills.

The kind that says that it's supposed to taste like bubblegum but in actuality tastes something like something overly-sweetened then mixed in with plastic and left to burn for a few days. Or something.

I'm supposing this means the kitchen won't be fixed anytime soon.

And it's the last room left, too… Woe.

[Ooc: HS finally starting for me + stress + others [please specify] = absence from internet. Sowwie. D:]

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So, I went to look at the place where Rai’d told me to look at for a possible job. It's a nice little place off the the side so it’s slightly hard to find, at the almost-end of the road-type thing that most of the really extravagant and beautiful stores are all on. It seems smallish from the front, but... Well. The place’s name is Maeil Café—which is slightly ironic, since, well...it’s only partly a café though, it is open every day. The front part, at any rate. It’s split in half, with one half brightly colored with frills and neat polka dots and everything, and then the other half more darker colored with soft fabrics lining the walls and really squishy plush seats and stuff. Y’know, the kind where you sit down and you slowly find yourself being sucked into the comfy cushion after a while and you never want to get up again, and you think you probably couldn’t, anyway, even if you wanted to, since your legs’ve turned to jelly and it’s suddenly hard to get back up. So you don’t really mind, either. Wow. That’s a long run-on.

Anyway, there’s another room with a wide array of different books a little back, after the initial café front with the pretty door leading to it hidden a bit back behind a curtain. Actually, there’s a lot more rooms; I don’t think I get to know all of them for a whiles yet… That one has the same kinds of seats as the darker half of the café part, too, and has the pretty-looking metal/wooden ones that look real elegant but is actually uncomfortable compared to the other ones. Except for those few in the shade, but those’re constantly occupied by a certain group. I wonder who they are…

There’s three doors leading away into different places from there or so I’ve been told, anyway, but I only know about one which goes into a garden-type place with a glass dome-shaped ceiling that has a metal covering over it most of the time. The fountain and the flowers and trees there are really pretty; there’s a few birds there, as well, so that makes it all the more better. Probably because they remind me of Iie… I miss her. There’s supposed to be more doors there as well [How many rooms are there…?], but… Like I’ve said, I’m not allowed to know yet, I guess. I’m guessing part of the ‘store’ has to be underground, since the one flight of stairs I do know about so far goes downwards.

Some of the workers are a bit eccentric at best [though, I suppose I’m not in any position to talk], but most of them are fairly agreeable enough if you know how to earn their favor. I gave the blue-gray haired one with a few hard-to-find candies [well, if you don’t know the right people, I suppose it’d be hard to find; they’re easy enough to get for me, anyway]—hence, how I know about the extra rooms I’m not suppose to know about. The dark-green haired one that works with her didn’t seem too happy about that when she found out later, though, judging by the pointed glare that scared me out of my wits while I was re-stocking the candies for the café.

I think I’m going to like working there. ♥

So far, I think I owe someone named Riku some muffins; I forgot to ask what kind he wanted. Ah, well. Unless he speaks up soon, I hope he likes banana nut and blueberries. Also, I found someone that’s willing to help me unpack. She lives nearby, so I’m probably going to ask her if she can drop by sometimes soon to help. I need the company, anyway; I haven’t really been very social lately, and the lack of having people I can randomly pop in on hang out with is getting to me.

Aa—and I heard there’s going to be a festival-type thing going on. I think I’ll drop by sometime soon.

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Dammit. Putting everything into place was harder than I’d thought. And I’m still not done. –pain-

…Okay, so I’ve gotten everything unloaded by now; or, at least, as far as I know. There could be a box or two still stuck somewhere in the dark abyss that is my room in Rai-chan’s and Jin’s house. Ha. If Raiji knew that I called him that all the time behind his back just to spite him, I’d probably be dead by now. I still have that mark on my arm from where the crazy kid smacked me with ‘Kira’s parasol-thing—which actually wasn’t as much as ‘smacking’ me with it as it was ‘throwing it across the room with surprising precision’. Or was that from a different time? How the hell did ‘Kira manage to get it custom made to have it enforced with steel and all those sharp pointy things installed, anyway…? I’m gonna have to go back one day and see if I can ‘semi-permanently borrow it without really asking’. The kid’s only lucky that he’d blindly grabbed something and the resulting injury was only a few cuts in a non-life threatening place, or I’d’ve bit him back, adorable and vicious little boy or not.

Even though I’ve gotten most of the things in, I’ve only unpacked most of my stuff that’s for my room so those are about the only furnishings. Sofas an’ stuff are excluded, since I sorta have to have them in place where they’re supposed to be for the time being. And it’s not as if they came in little packaged boxes anyways. As for the rest of the stuff, well, I’m just goin’ to unpack them little by little whenever I need whatever’s in it. Thank god Jin had enough sense to label the boxes with at least relatively identifiable names into categories. Sweet little kid. Don’t really know how he’s related to Rai other than the looks, and the innocent air that Rai can only usually pull off when he’s acting.

I haven’t really had time to look around the neighborhood yet, other than through a few jogs I’ve made around while tryin’ to either ease sore muscles or blow off steam. Or look for a few stray things or kittens an’ run and get some stuff.

But I haven’t really seen anyone yet.

Maybe this place is haunted. Heh.

I think I saw a blond guy somewhere at one point, but, well… The oldest memory I have after that ‘memory’ is one of waking up on the floor with a pounding headache and a pain in my leg with Kaden curled up on my chest, and the vague outline of the irritating reddish-orange bunny-cat thing with wings and a weird tail that I see when I haven’t gotten enough sleep and am doing something stupid waving hi to me from above her head. So I’m still skeptical as to if that’s actually happened.

And the thing was missing the usual bangle around its tail.

…I think I need sleep now. Either that, or coffee. Preferably drowned in enough sugar and cream until I can’t taste the bitter parts.

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'Llo. -grin-

Feel free to drop by a message on MSN at x.champuru.x@hotmail.com or on AIM at Daedal Dualism. I can be found on MSN Messenger most of the time though I keep forgetting to log in as online and on AIM a little bit less, because AIM tends to kill my computer. Among other things. I do have Y!M, but I don't use that very often. Maybe once a year now.

Otherwise, go ahead and post here if you'd like to start a log with Yuffie or something of the like.

I promise I'll love you to bits if you do. I like people.
[And I swear I don't bite. Promise.]
I'm just not good with initiating things most of the time.
[So I'll love you if you do. <3]

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