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Step into the Void...

...And Fall into Chaos

Yuffie Kisaragi
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W e l c o m e

"Ladies and Gents; the Great Ninja Yuffie—"


|| u n d e r c o n s t r u c t i o n ||

- - - -

N a m e
Who, me?]
- Yuffie Kisaragi

S e x u a l i t y
How Pretty! <3]
- definitely bisexual

H o u s e N u m b e r
And why'd you need that, un...?]
- #228

L o v e s
What Fun~]
- trespassing snooping wandering, drawing, plotting musing, sweets, playing matchmaker, blackmailing persuading/convincing, crystal collecting [as well as other pretty little trinkets], cute little fuzzies [and some not-so-cute-and-little-or-fuzzy ones as well], listening to music, reading

S u f f e r i n g s
What do you mean? This is perfectly normal.]
- occasional insomnia and irregular sleep patterns [as well as eating patterns most of the time sometimes due to odd schedules], has a mild case of motion sickness at times, shows signs of slight kleptomania

B e t t e r K n o w n s
Oh; lookit here. How'd that end up there, I wonder...?]
- has a kitten [Kaden], three piercings [one earlobe piercing on either ear and an additional cartilage piercing on the left], easily amused [though things get old rather quickly], has her childish moments often

L e s s e r K n o w n s
- has another kitten--usually not seen/known about due to lack of socialism on its part/in the animal's furry little body; has quite a few number of weapons stashed in numerous locations around the house due to paranoia and also a shortage of hiding places/storage areas; keeps a stack of twenty-five+ doujinshi under her bed at all times as well as a book light and a few other items for stormy days when the power goes out; ticklish; good at keeping secrets due to [reluctantly] being forced into the position of 'personal counselor' by 'friends' on multiple occasions; dislikes awkwardness or being anxious and sometimes tends to start ranting/spazzing at times when a situation of the like occurs

P l a y e r
Aha ha ha ha--]

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